Landscaping Stones Fill Void In Uncluttered Manner

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Landscaping Stones Fill Void In Uncluttered Manner

Sunday, July 13th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

Stepping StonesOne way to keep your landscaping looking nice and uncluttered while making it appear full is through the use of landscaping stones.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes they can also be used to separate different types of plants and work for soil retention in wet climates.

Several times landscaping stones can as well be used as stepping stones to get through the area for weeding or other maintenance chores without slogging through the dirt and getting your shoes dirty.

Landscaping stones are available in a extensive variety of shapes, sizes and colors enabling the homeowner to use them in numerous different ways. Some larger stones can be as big as a small car and can be useful in preventing unauthorized access to your yard by motor vehicles.

However, before laying any of these larger landscaping stones along the yard make certain they are not encroaching on any rights-of-way which may have been granted for underground utilities.

White Marble ChipsMany people choose to use landscaping stones, such as marble chips, in lieu of mulch in flower beds. The opportunity with this decision is that any replanting might involve the need to take away all the stones prior to working on the flowerbeds later.

White marble chips can lighten an otherwise dark area of the home’s landscaping, however before putting them in place, make sure all the flowers are in their final resting place and the proper steps have been taken to stop any weed growth.

Outlining Planting Areas With Stones

Flower BedOne of the more popular uses for landscaping stones is for outlining flower beds either next to the house or in isolated regions of the yard. Some stones, originally intended to be used as retaining wall, used in 1 or 2 layers can set off an area of the yard, isolating it from grass or a driveway.

By using properly size stones, the bed can appear as totally separate from the remainder of the landscaping.

Depending upon the color scheme of your outdoor living space, various colors are available that can either compliment or contrast with the color of the home. While some people prefer the landscaping stones seem to disappear when put into place, others appreciate the contrasting colors. Using brick-colored stones side by side to a brick house can separate the bed while still blending in with the home’s exterior.

Rough Surface StonesOther designs of landscaping stones can be made to fit together like a puzzle to create a walkway around or through planted areas. Surfaces can be either smooth or rough depending on your intention of the path’s purpose. For walking on, rough surface stones can help prevent slipping in wet weather.

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