The Difficulties Of Landscaping In Arizona

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The Difficulties Of Landscaping In Arizona

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

USDALandscaping in Arizona presents several unique challenges, but if you are willing to invest in some research and a little bit of elbow grease, you can have a gorgeous yard year round. One of the biggest difficulties to landscaping in Arizona is the fact that there are a lot of USDA plant hardiness zones within the state.

Landscaping In Arizona By Zone

The USDA plant hardiness zone map is a terrific tool that every gardener and landscaper should utilize when planning what plants to place in their yard. The map breaks down the country into zones based on climate. If you are cautious to choose plants that have been labeled for your zone, they should not only survive, but also thrive, under the right soil conditions in your yard.

When landscaping in Arizona, it is especially important to know precisely which zone you live in. The state contains so many zones that if you don’t pay close attention, it can be easy to buy plants that won’t do well in your city.

When you find out exactly what zone your Arizona landscaping project will be in, select plants that will thrive not only in your town’s climate, but also in your yard’s soil. If your soil is not ideal for a specific plant, you can take steps to fix your soil. Do a careful research on your plant’s needs and amend your soil accordingly.

It is possible to place a plant in your yard that is intended for a slightly warmer climate. You can plant such a plant in a container or even plant it as an annual and plan to replant it each year. A few people have luck planting warmer condition plants in protected spaces against a house or structure.  They take careful pains to protect the plant during the winter and oftentimes the plant will survive until the following spring.

Arizona Landscaping Goes Native

Among the best ways to landscape in any climate is to make ample use of native plants. The deserts and highlands of Arizona have an extensive array of native plants which are not only interesting specimens to look at, but often have a gorgeous life cycle that changes throughout the season. Native plants will adapt well to the soil in your yard and help to sync your property to the landscape outside your garden walls.

In case you are interested in using native plants in your Arizona landscaping, make sure that you buy your plants through a reputable local nursery. A local nursery will ensure that you have plants that are best adapted for your zone and soil.

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