Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Your Inground Pool

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Your Inground Pool

Thursday, March 27th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

If you have inground pool installed in your backyard, you and your family obviously look forward to spend many summer days in it. And while you have the pool area separated from the rest of the yard by a chain link fence, you may be wondering how to make backyard landscaping to compliment the pool area. This is exactly when you will need landscaping ideas.

Since you became the proud owner of the inground pool, you have been meticulous in making sure that the pool and the pool area itself is very clean. However, you have not really consider how the pool area would look if it had certain themes. These themes would lend themselves well to various backyard landscaping ideas.

If you are frequently at your local home improvement center, you have probably noticed that there are often tall poles with lights at the top. These are often used to light backyards during barbecues. However, they could also be used at night for illumination while you are swimming in the pool at night.

Thus, if you take these illuminated poles and correctly place them throughout the backyard, it really may add to the overall ambience, but while that is one backyard landscaping idea that you can integrate, you need some decorations that can be easily seen during the day.

You have probably seen in various gardening centers large pots that contain groups of colorful flowers. These make for wonderful backyard landscaping ideas, because you can place these pots in a variety of different places:

Start in the pool area, and place a pot in each corner.
Place a pot or two in various areas of the backyard so that there can be flowers everywhere.

Something that many people don’t think about is the possibility of weeds growing in the pool areas. Weeds are surprisingly strong, and can sometimes poke up in the cracks of the cement, as well as grow through the chain link fence. If you have a yard that is prone to lots of weeds, a good backyard landscaping idea is to make sure the lawn is weed wacked along with being mowed at least once a week.

Of course, the backyard landscaping ideas are contingent upon the overall size of the lawn. If much of the lawn is  now taken up by the pool, you will have a different set of options than if the pool was just a section of the lawn. Whichever is true in your case, always take into account hardscape into your final backyard landscape design. Hardscape constitutes complementary elements and features like fences and other decorations used in patios and decks that give wonderful transition coming from your indoors to the outdoors of your backyard. Having a beautiful landscape is very important to the beauty of your home. But do not forget the beauty of your home itself. If your home is outdated or could use a simple touch up, contact a contractor like Jayhawk Exteriors. These contractors will be able to quickly and affordably bring the exterior of your home to life.

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