Hire A Helper

Hire A Helper

Moving? Yard Work? Spring Cleaning? Get Local Help. Cheap. HireAHelper

Looking For Help With Moving, Cleaning, Yard work, Or Just Need Someone With A Strong Back To Help Around The House?

Hire A Helper brings together homeowners and local moving, cleaning and yard work helpers near them allowing them to search for local help cheap in a simple 3-step process:

  1. You search for local helpers and receive an instant quote on each helper you select. You also can learn more about each helper in their individual profile and read reviews of their past performance.
  2. The helper you have requested will be in contact with you within 24 hours and if for some reason they cannot help you, you can choose another helper or choose to cancel the job. Once you offer a job to a helper and they accept, payment will be made with your credit card and you will receive a authorization code.
  3. After the worker has completed the work, you simply hand them the authorization code you received during checkout and Hire A Helper will deposit the funds into their bank account.

Additionally you can become a helper to work for yourself and make money.
Sounds interesting? Click here to learn more.

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